About Us

Company Profile

ADCC offers its clients an integrated, multi-disciplined line of services both in construction and infrastructural fields in all aspects of engineering. Our scope of work covers everything from design and supervision to material supply.

ADCC first and foremost goal is “client satisfaction”. Through planning, monitoring, and proper follow up of each individual activity we have been able to maintain our well-earned reputation of being highly reliable and genuinely professional.

ADCC is currently transforming into a global player specialized in development and construction of large scale real estate and infrastructure projects.

The core team consists of an excellent management team and seasoned engineers and construction workers. The team as a whole has over a decade of experience in project development all over the world.

ADCC’s team has kept a close eye on the developments of the market for a considerable period of time. The sector has gone through a turbulent period, while currently stabilizing. ADCC has decided to explore new opportunities in the market and benefit from social housing projects.


The company was first established by Musallam Shammout in the mid 1970s. The family-run company has grown over the past three decades to include international operations and an array of contracting services. In 2012, Zuhair Shammout was appointed chairman of the company with a vision to focus on social housing projects and expand the international reach of the company.

ADCC continuously invests in its team of engineers and construction innovations. Armed with the know-how in development and construction of large-scale projects in collaboration with partners, we are able to supply high-quality real estate and infrastructure to our clients.

Vision & Mission

ADCC vision is to become one of the leading firms in development and construction, consulting and contracting related to real estate in Middle East. Europe and Africa. Using the latest innovations and our international network of experts.

ADCC seek the continues challenge of developing, construction and managing projects with vision and integrity, that meet our client’ needs and budget, and also have a positive impact on the surrounding community.


Primarily, ADCC will pursue project development, construction and investment opportunities in classes where there is proven demand like infrastructure, affordable and social housing and (semi) governmental projects.

ADCC will concentrate and direct its project development and investment activities in the following geographic areas: Middle East, Europa and Africa with primary focus on Ghana, Namibia and Tanzania.

In executing its strategy, ADCC will utilize the relevant expertise of its shareholders in key areas such as real estate and infrastructure development, social and affordable housing and community development. In doing so, ADCC will maximize synergies and economies of scale to deliver the most effective and efficient services and solutions to clients.

ADCC is committed to supporting global environmental initiatives, and to actively pursuing fast track construction methodologies such as modular and pre-fabricated units, and renewable materials. These will be used to reduce the cost and development time of affordable housing and other projects, without compromising quality standards.

ADCC’s strategy will be realized through its multicultural management team, which follows a demand-driven, research-oriented approach. This is complemented by adoption of the highest international standards and global best practice in corporate governance and risk management, social responsibility, environmental protection, and sustainable development.

Quality & Safety

We are committed to the principle of providing consistently good quality products and services in order to establish a strong relationship with the clients and to enhance the company reputation. Keeping this in mind, the company has adopted a quality system based on ISO 9001:2000 quality system model for quality assurance in design, procurement and construction activities.

ADCC’s quality policy aims to achieve total customer satisfaction and expectations at an acceptable standard / level. Therefore, it is the company policy to provide all customers with a product and / or service that meet the contractual and applicable regulatory requirements of time and quality.

ADCC is dedicated to safety for both personnel and work environment. ADCC’s safety commitment is maintained through number of measures being adopted by the company safety education/orientation, counseling, and proper motivation are the guiding policy in the enforcement and implementation of the company’s safety and loss preventive program in order that none of its procedures, practices or method of work will expose any employee to unnecessary hazards.

In keeping with this policy, all members of management and supervision of what ever grade, are always reminded that safety must take equal importance with cost and construction and that they have a moral and legal responsibility for the safety and health of all employees under their control as laid down in safety manuals, applicable Law and other Safety Standards.